Their experts will interpret your results and the consult is thorough! You will know your: lean tissue mass, fat mass, body fat % and precise body weight. You will be shown the amount of visceral fat and intramuscular fat on your body. With this information they can work out your ideal body weight, body fat % and a realistic time frame to achieve the body you want. For Metabolic Testing, you may not consume anything but water for 4 hours prior to your test. Don't exercise on the day before your test.

Level 2a, 378 Pacific Highway,
Crows Nest NSW, 2065

02 9460 8502

Mon 9am-1pm & 2:30-6pm Tues 9am-1pm Weds 9am-1pm & 2:30-6pm Thurs 3:30-7:15pm Fri 9am -1pm Sat 9am-1pm


Initial Scan $110

Follow Up Scan $90

1 Dexa + 1 Metabolic $225

2 Dexa + 1 Metabolic $300

Metabolic Test $150

2 Dexa $160

3 Dexa $235

5 Dexa $375

How it

Lie down in the scanner for around 5 minutes while the scanner passes over your body taking measurements. Get results on the spot.

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DEXA Scan Featured In Logos
DEXA Scan Featured In Logos