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DEXA Scan lets fitness enthusiasts, athletes, and dieters measure body composition. See exactly how much body fat and muscle you have and where. Track your progress as you work through a new program.

Body Composition


DEXA Scan helps identify patients at high risk of osteoporosis and bone fractures. By monitoring bone density, physicans and patients can assess risk and proactively treat the problem.

Bone Density

What is a
DEXA Scan?

The DEXA Scan is the clinical gold standard for measuring fat, muscle, and bone density. Find nearby locations and pricing, to get you an on-the-spot assessment of your body composition.

A DEXA Scan (Dual-Enerxy X-ray Absorptiometry), uses two different types of waves that are reflected by lean muscle, and bone differently. The scanner uses this information to create a detailed map of your body and measure your body composition.

How it

Lie down in the scanner for around 5 minutes while the scanner passes over your body taking measurements. Get results on the spot.

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DEXA Scan Featured In Logos
DEXA Scan Featured In Logos

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